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Fresh from Licking County, Ohio since 1952. Our seasonal Garden Marts offer area gardeners a great selection of locally grown bedding plants and flowers, hanging baskets, patio pots, Performing Gardens™ Flowers and Performing Gardens™ Vegetables, Basket Fillers®, and garden supplies. Gardeners know our plants are grown right here in Licking County, Ohio and delivered directly to our regional Garden Mart locations. They are the freshest values you can find.

Beginning in April each year our Garden Centers are bursting with bedding flowers, potted flowers, planted hanging baskets, patio pots, combos,  vegetables and herbs. Garden Centers also carry a variety of potting soils, garden supplies and décor.

Timbuk Farms Grown Fresh in Granville

Timbuk Garden Center

1810 Columbus Road

State Route 16

Granville, OH 43023

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Timbuk Farms offers ProMix Potting Soil and Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix

Now featuring 

PRO-MIX® Ultimate, potting and garden soils,

including organic.

Timbuk Farms Performing Gardens Brand

Performing Gardens™ 


A Timbuk Farms exclusive. Performing Gardens plant varieties are selected specifically for our Midwest climate and soil. That means your customers are assured healthier plants with abundant growth.


Performing Gardens™

Flowers & Plants

  • 4.33" Flowering Pots  4.5" tray 10

  • 1 Gallon Annuals  1 gal tray 6


Patio Pots Combos

  • 10" Round (Sun and Shade)  10" Patio

  • 10" Square Combos  10sq Combo

  • 13" Combos (Round & Square)  13" Patio

  • 16" Combos  16" Combo Patio

Hanging Baskets

  • 10” Hanging Baskets  10" HB

  • 12” Premium Hanging Baskets  12" HB

  • 12” Coco Hanging Baskets  12" Coco Combo

  • 16” Moss Hanging Baskets  16" HB Moss

Performing Gardens by Timbuk Farms

Performing Gardens™ Vegetables 

  • 4.25” Potted vegetables and herbs 4" veg tray 10

  • Veggie & Herb Flats  12-03V

Performing Gardens Veggies by Timbuk Farms
Timbuk Farms Performing Gardens Patio Planters and Hanging Baskets
Basket Fillers by Timbuk Farms

Basket Fillers®, exclusinely from Timbuk Farms, build your own baskets with these select accents!

New Tone-On-Tone

exclusively from Timbuk Farms

New Tone on Tone by Timbuk Farms

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